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Ford Taurus at Ford Lincoln of Huntington

Currently in its sixth generation, the Ford Taurus is the fifth-best-selling North American car made by Ford. The Taurus was a milestone in Ford's history because the model introduced a number of innovations and new features. It is as reliable today as it always was and has everything you're looking for in a mid-sized car or newer full-sized sedan.

Ford Taurus Generations

First Generation: The first generation Ford Taurus was introduced in 1986 and ran until 1989. The front wheel drive vehicle gave Ford's product line a boost. Following its release, it became a strong seller with over a million sold by 1989. The Taurus' aerodynamic design, inspired by the Audi 100, added to its fuel economy. It brought several new design features to the fold, such as re-shaped headlights, a redesigned grille, innovative flush door handles, and the wheels were also set flush to the fender instead of recessed. The interior was equipped with controls designed to be recognized by touch so as not to distract the driver from the road. Other interior features were highly customizable, such as interior equipment, seating, and radio/stereo. At launch, the first generation was available in four models; the L, the MT-5, the GL, and the LX. The L and MT-5 were equipped with 90-horsepower (67 kW) 2.5-litre HSC four-cylinder engines, while the GL and LX were equipped with 140 horsepower (104 kW) 3.0-litre Vulcan V6 engines. 1989 saw the end of the MT-5 wagon due to poor sales.

Second Generation: The second generation Ford Taurus was produced from 1991-1995. It was introduced with a completely new exterior, its length was increased by several inches, and it was a little weightier. The rear spoiler was integrated into the lid of the truck to make it more aerodynamic. The 1992 the interior redesign included a more user-friendly dashboard, new radio, and a passenger-side airbag. Redesigned seat and door panels included integrates armrests and power window controls. The 1992 Taurus was available in three models; L - basic, GL - mid-priced, and LX - luxury. The L was dropped in 1992 due to poor sales. In 1995 the SE model was added; it was meant to be a small step up from the entry-level model. Second-generation models were equipped with the standard140 horsepower (104 kW) 3.0 L Vulcan V6 engine, with the exception of the LX wagon, which was equipped with a 3.8 L Essex V6 engine.

Third Generation: Ford manufactured the third generation Taurus from 1995 to 1999. 1996 saw another complete exterior redesign. The car was given a new streamlined, oval shape. Aimed at a more affluent customer base, the new Taurus LX had chrome alloy wheels and exhaust tips. The Taurus was given a slight exterior makeover in 1998, giving it a more mainstream look. Once again the interior was designed with user-friendliness in mind. This generation was initially available in two models, the entry-level GL and the top range LX, which was highly customizable. The base model had the 3.0 L Vulcan V6 engine, while the LX had the new 3.0 L DOHC Duratec 30 V6.

Fourth Generation: The fourth generation Taurus was introduced in 2000 until 2007. It had a more angular design than previous models, which increased the trunk space considerably. Turn signals were redesigned, as was the front bumper, which now included a larger grille. The interior was redesigned with a more conservative style. The dashboard was less curved, and the integrated control panel was reshaped and enlarged. The interior had two options, one with a front bench seat and a console-mounted gear stick, the other with bucket seats and a floor-mounted gear stick. For this generation, the two former models were continued, and two additional models were offered. These were the SE and the SEL - mid-priced models with different trim levels. The LX and SE models had the previous Vulcan engine, while the Duratec engine was optional for the SEL.

Fifth Generation: The fifth generation Taurus was introduced in 2008. With a shape similar to the Volkswagen Passat, the fifth generation arrived with a new three-bar grille, redesigned front and rear lights, a roof-mounted antenna, and faux engine vents on the fenders. The interior was largely carried over from the previous generation, with some minor differences such as a new steering wheel and simulated woodgrain. This generation also featured Ford's SYNC system which was developed by Microsoft. The system can be controlled by voice commands and connects with the driver's cell phone and MP3 players. The fifth generation Taurus was available in three models: SE, SEL, and Limited trim levels. The 203 horsepower Duratec 30 3.0 L V6 engine was replaced by the 263 horsepower 3.5 L Duratec 35 V6 engine.

Sixth Generation: The Ford Taurus' sixth and current generation features a completely redesigned interior and exterior, which marks the introduction of the Taurus Kinetic Design. This generation is not available with a V-8 engine. At release, the standard engine was the 263 horsepower 3.5L V6. This was upgraded to 288 horsepower in 2013. All versions of the sixth generation are fitted with the Ford 6-speed 6F automatic transmission. According to Ford's chief designer, many of the design elements incorporated into this generation were inspired by the music the design team was listening to at the time. The sixth generation Taurus has a number of new interior design features, such as push-button start, Ford SYNC, and heated seats at front and rear. Ford also introduced multi-contour seats in 2010 which were specially designed for lumber and lateral support. The lower cushion is fitted with Active Motion technology, designed to provide gentle massage, to ease back strain on longer road trips.

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